2023 UTV Rally Mormon Lake Update

I waited and waited and finally had to pull the plug and Cancel the UTV RALLY Mormon Lake. A new company acquired Mormon Lake Lodge, and the new owners have yet to release contracts for events in 2023. This has affected numerous activities at the Lodge, not just ours.

We are still hoping to hold our Full Moon Party in August as usual, but we still need approval.

Even though we don't have an Official location for the UTV Rally Mormon Lake, I still want to ride with everyone. So we are doing an unplugged get-together in the woods. UTV RALLY Family & Friends Get Together is on. This is a low-key ride that is free and open to everyone. We will go on rides, hang out at the campfire, do the corn hole thing, and discuss new places we all want to go and ride. Register at utvrally.com to get access to the location where we will be camped. 

I am preparing a UTV RALLY Family & Friends meet-up at the Cinders, Sand Hollow, the Dunes, and an Arizona Peace Trail Run. Working on dates as we speak. Please call me anytime at 480-899-6458 if you have questions. 

Andy Myers - Show Owner